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Recharge Your Life! Process

Are You Stressed? Well, it is no wonder:

  • Life today is chaotic and we are overloaded with information
  • We are distracted and pulled in too many directions
  • We have to think quickly and make fast decisions
  • We have difficulty balancing work, life, family, friends, and personal enjoyment
  • We are constantly on the run, feeling pressure from every angle

Some Serious Consequences:

Chronic, negative stress is the primary joy-robber in our life! Regularly operating in “high stress-mode” leaves us feeling depleted and discouraged, and then:

  • We let new, exciting opportunities pass us by
  • We fail to live up to our potential
  • We feel trapped by circumstances, and hopeless
  • We have trouble making decisions and embracing change
  • We are constantly in conflict with others – and ourselves
  • We merely go through life instead of living it to the fullest

Take the First Step and Break the Cycle! Discover your current levels of stress and energy:

The road to self-fulfillment and joyful living begins with self-awareness – understanding how your current stress level is holding you back. The Balanced Owl “Recharge Your Life!” process includes a one-of-a-kind Energy Leadership attitudinal assessment, based on an energy/action model statistically correlated to satisfaction in 14 areas of life. The Energy Leadership Index (“ELI”) measures how your beliefs, perceptions and world-views affect your stress levels. The assessment will also reveal your stress-factor or how you react to stress in your life.

As part of the process, you will receive a personal debrief of your results. I will also explain your unique energetic profile and how to increase energy that is constructive, fueling, healing and growth oriented. This gives you all the data in order to focus on what matters most. From there, we can work together to design your specific action plan toward stress reduction and energy enhancement, so you can:

  • Turn your desires and ideas into a reality
  • Create the career and lifestyle changes YOU want for yourself
  • Achieve greater balance across all the important areas in your life
  • Get healthy, look better and feel stronger
  • Gain clarity, focus and control for both day to day and long-term planning
  • Improve your relationships
  • Let go of resentments, guilt and disappointments for good
  • Enjoy yourself more!

Get Started on the Recharge Your Life! Program By Clicking Here

“It is never too late to reinvent your who!” — Fran McConnell