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Success Stories


I reached out to Fran slightly overwhelmed and feeling stuck in my current business. I knew I had more to share and more services to offer. Fran helped me to clarify and set goals based on my vision. I am amazed at what we developed from just 5 sessions together! I have found my true life purpose, and by Fran shining her light with her gifted coaching abilities, I too will be shining my light to the world and I can’t wait!

Jody Umans, Owner, An Eye 4 Beauty, LLC.


I highly recommend Fran McConnell to anyone that may be thinking of working with her. As a yoga studio owner, who holds special classes and/or workshops on a weekly basis, I will say that Fran is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is highly professional and very responsible, trustworthy, prompt and organized. She also independently creates her promotional pieces within a day, which is a tremendous help to a studio owner! Her class attendees left invigorated and inspired. Fran has to be one of the best independent contractors that I ever hired to do a program. I loved her style and class so much, that I hired her to do another workshop this coming fall.

Lisa Horan-Sockol, MEd, CYT
Co-Owner, Monmouth Beach Yoga and Wellness

I came to the Balanced Owl with a desire to find my “true self” again. I have had a full life so far with a long marriage, satisfying career and a fabulous family but my journey isn’t over it has just taken a new path. Recently retired and now widowed, I have been faced with new choices. I have an ardent desire to live my best life and not to allow these “changes” to prevent me from being positive and from welcoming each new day.

Fran has helped me to identify my strengths and to work through my moments of stress, my feelings of vulnerability as well as uncertainties. I truly feel as if I have gained new tools to help me identify these stressors and to shift the way I handle myself in a more positive, productive way that serves me.

I honestly believe that my five one-on-one sessions with Fran have been successful in helping me achieve a new inner peace, comfort and even joy in my life. I will continue to work toward optimum wellness of body, mind and spirit. I feel empowered to move ahead and to create new memories with my grandchildren, friends and extended family.

Rita S.

Fran helped me figure out my biggest block to what I truly wanted and got me to build a plan to break through and make it a reality. Her ability to ask the hard questions really got me to look at how I was just letting things happen, instead of me creating my own future. That sense of clarity was absolutely enlightening. Thank You!

D. Beldowicz
, Creator of Social Media BS!

I absolutely adore Fran and the calming energy she brings into a room.  During a time in my life, where I wasn’t sure which direction I was heading, Fran helped me gain clarity by really working through what was holding me back from taking that leap forward.  Fran is warm, compassionate, open and free of judgment, which allowed me a safe place to be honest with myself and honest sharing my deepest fears.  At the time, I was feeling stuck and unsure and Fran was able to help me uncover my deepest fears of some big decisions I had to make.  I felt completely empowered by working with Fran and was able to make clear decisions that led me into a path of awesome new beginnings and happiness.  I can’t wait to work with Fran again!!

Amy B.

I have had the powerful opportunity to be coached by Fran through some issues that had been persistently holding me back in life.  Fran’s gentle, inquisitive, and at the same time, crystal clear and straightforward approach helped me reframe the draining negative messages that were keeping me out of whack.  Fran’s intuitive and non-judgmental way of listening allowed me to open up to her and trust her right away. She helped to get me straight on what was keeping me back from living into my ideal image – and I’ve never looked back!  Thank you, Fran!

JJ. C.

Fran, I had a fabulous evening at your class last night! The routines were fun, challenging & sassy! I left feeling empowered, invigorated & open to channeling all the positive energy you rained upon us. Thank you!

Amanda W., Workshop Attendee

What a GREAT workshop! I am so glad that I went. Making time for “me” is not something I’m very good at so that will definitely be a challenge but I think it will be so worth it. You definitely gave us a lot to think about and process – all in a good way. Thanks!

Kellyann S., Journal to Joy Workshop Attendee

That was one of the bests classes I have taken. You are a natural and you pushed us in such a way that I wanted to keep going! The music was empowering and the meditation after was so relaxing. I feel great today! Looking forward to the next class.

Michelle G., Strengthen & Stretch Workshop Attendee

Yesterday’s “Journal to Joy” was an amazing workshop. I used to journal in the past and the workshop reminded me how helpful it could be, especially now when I need it most. Fran was a motivating coach who kept all of us engaged the whole time! The writing exercises were thought provoking and goal focused. I also love how she gave us a worksheet for continuing our practice at home.

Cathy S., Journal to Joy Workshop Attendee

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar on journal writing on Saturday! It was such a relaxing experience and I really learned some new techniques for taking care of myself. Thanks Fran!

Doreen H., Journal to Joy Workshop Attendee

Recently, I’ve felt the need to go down the path of finding my true purpose. Although my life is good and I’m blessed with so much, I couldn’t seem to shake the desire to grow spiritually and discover new ways nourish my soul. This work has been challenging and extremely gratifying.I have benefited from several coaching sessions with Fran. Her desire to push though the barriers is truly motivating. She asks the hard questions and really listens to the response. She makes you feel safe and not alone as you peel the sometimes difficult layers of the onion. She raises the bar with her dynamic energy and her gentle way of guiding you to your truth.

Kelly M.

Fran is great at pin pointing the blockages that keep us from truly experiencing the abundance of life. She has helped me to figure out a plan of action during a time of transition in many areas of my life. Fran asks the right questions to bring about the awareness level needed to make the changes I wished to make. Outside of her wonderful approach, she has a very calm and gentle demeanor with a sprinkle of humor. Thank you!

Veronica B.

I discovered Fran in a completely different setting but I was struck by her self-confidence and strong sense of peace and ease. I decided to explore coaching to improve certain aspects of my life. She has been extremely instrumental in helping me stay focused on situations in my personal life and career and offering a new perspective in handling them. I started with an inventory which required time and thought but the results were astounding – it was a place to launch forward recognizing my strengths and working on my weaknesses. The individual sessions were handled with professionalism and dignity. The “homework” assignments reinforced the areas that needed work. I would highly recommend working with Fran at The Balanced Owl as she has the ability to motivate you to move forward – no matter what stage of life/career you are at. It has been a pleasure and I am extremely pleased with the growth and positive outcomes. Thank you.

Patricia L.